PES3202 Rugged WiFi SIP Phone


PES3202 is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of safety under international standards for Intrinsic Safety. This Cordless VoIP Phones enables workers in hazardous environments around the world to maintain communications, run applications and capture mission critical data in a small, lightweight, use-anywhere smartphone, with confidence.

Our products are designed for anyone who works in a less-than-gentle environment. Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures, or tough work situations, all our devices are made to rise up the challenge.

No matter what your outdoor or industrial application is Handheld can provide you with the tools to get your work done faster, more consistent and with greater efficiency.

PES3202 is a high-performance industrial Wi-Fi cell phone designated for clients from the coal-mine industry.

Besides the call and short message services as owned by ordinary cell phones, PES3202 also integrates functions of Group Call Talk, One Touch SOS, Offline Communication, Self-Organized Network and Assisted Positioning.

With the advanced industrial design, PES3202 satisfies the explosion proofing, water proofing, dust screening and shock proofing requirements, and can be used under high temperature, low temperature, humid, dust environment or with presence of flammable and explosive gases.

PES3202 supports “Push to Talk” and “One Touch SOS” functions, as well as “Offline Communication” and “Self-Organized Network Communication” functions.


Product description

Basic Parameters

1. Size: 120mm (L)*52mm (W)*22mm (H)
2. Weight: 145g
3. Screen: 1.8 in., TFT LCD
4. Big battery capacity: 2000mAH
5. Language: Chinese and English display interface; Chinese and English input
6. Standby time: >100h; talk time: >6h
7. Barrier-free speech range: >400m
8. Lead-free technology; national standard compliance

Wireless Parameters

1. Supporting IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n;
2. Frequency band: 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz;
3. Transmit power: 15~17dBm;
4. Receiving sensitivity: >-90dB;
5. Supporting fast Inter-AP handoffs to keep speech fluency;
6. Supporting WEP64, WEP128, WPA and WPA2 encryptions;
7. Supporting DHCP automatic acquisition and static configuration of network parameters


1. Supporting SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), good compatibility;
2. Supporting audio coding and decoding: G.711u G.711a G.729A;
3. DSP echo cancellation technology to cancel large-volume echo; high voice quality; short time delay; high stability;
4. Environmental noise suppression;
5. Supporting large-volume hands-free call;
6. Supporting caller ID display, call waiting and call forwarding functions

SMS, Phone Book and Call Record

1. Sending and receiving Chinese and English messages;
2. Storing 100 messages in Inbox and Outbox respectively;
3. Supporting Input, Browse and Delete operations;
4. supporting speed dial; Storing 400 name lists with addresses and phone numbers;
5. Displaying phone number in groups;
6. Supporting Search, Input, Browse and Delete operations; supporting speed dial;
7. Storing name, number, address and email information;
8. Storing 20 received calls, missed calls and dialed numbers respectively;
9. Supporting call records deleting or saving; support speed dial.

Configuration and Upgrade

1. Supporting manual configuration of parameters; supporting crypto guard of key parameters;
2. Supporting automatic download of configuration file from Server;
3. Supporting TFTP wireless upgrade of software

Protective Design

1. Level of protection: IP54;
2. Explosion-proof battery;
3. Moisture and corrosion protection;
4. Satisfying the performance requirement of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof cell phones


1. Cell phone positioning can be realized through the standard interface of the positioning protocol and the positioning software of upper computer;
2. Parameters such as position update cycle, positioning server and positioning server port can be set.
3. Integrating 2.4GHz RFID card (Optional)

Offline Communication

1. Realizing communication between PES3202 cell phones in absence of SIP Server;
2. Supporting SMS, call and intercom under offline mode;
3. Supporting direct dial under offline mode, same as successful SIP registration
Note: The functions under offline mode shall be performed in the same network segment.

Intercom Function

1. Special intercom key designed (the black key on side face) for convenient use;
2. No server, easy arrangement;
3. Supporting Group Call Talk;
Note: The intercom functions shall be performed in the same network segment.

Push to Alarm

1. Special alarm key designed (the orange key on side face) for convenient use;
2. Press the alarm key, red alarm warning will pop up;
3. Hold on the alarm key, the preset alarm number will be dialed.

Self-Organized Network

1. Supporting self-organized network between cell phones during wireless network paralysis;
2. The barrier-free communication distance under the self-organized network mode is larger than 300m;
3. Supporting SMS, call and intercom;
4. Service occasions recommended: emergency communication under power cut in pit;
5. Near range intercommunication between rescuers
Note: With the self-organized network mode, near-range communication is supported.

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