OEM/ODM is always welcome! We have more than 10 years OEM/ODM experience. There are 2500 workers in our factory. There are 50 experienced engineers in our Research and Development department.

We have established strategic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships with a lot of European and American companies.


  • We are looking forward to being your OEM/ODM strategic partner in China!
  • We have more than 10 years of OEM/ODM experience.
  • We have established strategic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships with a lot of European and American companies.

Why Us?

Customer Focus:

To understand customer needs requirements & preferences, we strive for extraordinary performance in every area to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Excellence in Quality:

Our goal is to reduce variability and achieve zero defects for our production. A common set of metrics is used to measure, report, and drive improvement.

Continuous Improvement:

Constantly implement innovative technology throughout our manufacturing equipment & process, while parallel with the motivation, education, and development of all employees of Pearl Group. This is a joint responsibility shared between employees and management.

Total Solution

Dedicated NPI Team

  • Responsive to customer needs
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Seamless project transfers from customers
  • Total project setup time reduction
  • EDI ready for information exchange

Milestone of Project Management

Communication bridge carries out by Sales & Marketing

Action perform by Engineer and quality team

Engineering Capabilities

  • Circuit and layout design
  • Project management, alternative component sourcing for cost down
  • Software optimization
  • Testing software development for manufacturing purpose
  • In-house Rapid Proto-type
  • 3D CAD solid modeling for quick product visualization
  • Precision part drawing & documentation
  • Tool fabrication supervision & management
  • Customize design packaging
  • Regulatory approval: UL, FCC, CE, BQB, CCC, IC

Total Manufacturing Solution 

Engineered PCB assembly:

SMT, COB, Through-hole, On-Line (Chip or PCB) Programming, Conformal Coating, Encapsulation, Post-Solder Paste AOI, Placement / Reflow AOI, 3D X-Ray, ICT, Boundary Scan Test, Functional Test


PCB Assembly, Ultrasonic Welding, Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Complete-assembly (Box-Built):

PCB Assembly, Ultrasonic Welding, Pad Printing and Silk-Screening, Epoxy Potting, Casing Assembly, Burn-in, Hi-Pot, EMC and ESS Test, Configure-to-Order, Packaging for different SKUs, Palletization

Market Segments and Product Experience

Specialized in:

  • Industrial and commercial
  • Automotive and Marine Electronics
  • Medical & Health Care
  • Communications and Networking
  • Aerospace (to be explored in 2009)
Automotive & Marine Electronics
GPS Navigation System
ABS Brake Control Module
GPS Navigation Car Kit
Safety Alarm for Heavy Vehicle
Medical & Healthcare
Temporal Scanner
Hearing Aid Device PCBA
Digital ECG Device PCBA
Bluetooth Serial Dongle for Defibrillator

There are 1500 workers in our factory and 80 experienced engineers in our Research and Development department.

Production Plant Overview

  • The plant has a total area of 60,000 m2 with over 1500 workforce.
  • Equipped with 2 backup power generators to provide sufficient power for internal consumption.

Production Facilities

SMT Flow:

Auto board loader → Solder paste printing → Chip shooter → IC placer → Reflow Oven → First Article Inspection → Visual inspection→ Post-solder paste AOI → Placement / Reflow AOI → 3D X-Ray

  • ESD Protected Floor
  • Capacity: 150 million chips per month

Production Facilities – SMT Flow

  • 10K class clean room for die bonding and dust-free assembly
  • Post-solder paste AOI – Symbion
  • Automatic optical inspection – Omron
  • 3D X-ray inspection – Dage

Production Facilities – SMT Flow

  • 9 X fully automated SMT lines
    – 8 (Fuji SMT lines) CP843E/743E/XP242
    – 1 (Siemens SMT line) SIPLACE D1 & D4
    – Component spectrum – 01005 – 85×85 mm2 / 200x150mm2
    – Ball Grid Array, μBGA – 50 mil pitch
  • Stencil printing – DEK
  • Reflow ovens – Heller, Ersa (with nitrogen option and selective cooling)
  • Wave soldering – DSK, Soltec
  • COB die bonding – ASM
    – 75μm for aluminum wire
    – 63μm for gold wire

Production Facilities

  • In-Circuit Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • Conformal Coating
  • Encapsulation & Potting

Production Facilities

  • Product Integration Assy. Lines
    -Cell group – high mix, low volume
    -Conveyor flow line – low mix, high volume
    -Roller line – heavy and large instrument
  • Wave Soldering – DSK, Soltec

Product Quality Assurance and Testing Facilities

Product Quality Assurance

Components Level Test Regulatory Testing & Compliance Support System-Level Functional & ESS Test
Apart from our IQC inspection, other tests such as the life cycle test and durability test, are being conducted on component level in-house according to different product nature. In-House EMC test, ESD, Hi-Pot test before submitting samples for certified lab for approval. Specific functional and reliability test requirements and procedures to be defined by the customer. General system testing including Thermo shock and vibration tests are conducted via in-house testing facilities.

Testing Facilities

  • Breakout Test
    – verify the tensile strength of the product.
    – Application Force Range: 0-200kgf
    – Speed: Adjustable, Range:10mm/min up
  • Vacuum Test
    – Compact air/air leak detectors to test the air-tightness of parts
    – Precision: 1% of the pressure +/- 2 digits
    – Max Resolution: 1% Fs (full scale)
  • Custom made Leakage Tester
    -Max. positive pressure 0.3MPa
    -Max. negative pressure –80kPa
  • Custom-built Integrated System Test

Reliability Test Capabilities

  • Horiba RoHS Tester
    -Compliant with RoHS Directives
    -Lower Detection Limit(Cd/Pb): Cd≦2 ppm, Pb≦5 ppm
    -Large chamber for sample size 460x360x150mm
  • Salt Fog Test Chamber
    Sedimentation capacity: 2.0ml/80cm2
    -IEC-60068-2-52   Salt Mist Cyclic
    -ISO 3768-1976      Corrosion Resistant Test
    -GB 2423.17-93      Salt Fog Spray Standard
  • Sand and Dust Test Chamber
    IP5X and IP6X standard
  • Battery Analyzer
    Cycle test and capacity test for rechargeable batteries
  • Infrared Test
    – Testing Temperature (black body temperature): 95+/-2 ?C
    – Air Temperature (Chamber Inside): below 38℃
  • Water Jetting Test
    – Programmable turn-table
    – Test Standard: compliance with IPX6
    – Nozzle Diameter:12.5mm
    – Flow rate: 100L/min
  • In-House Test Programs and Fixture Development
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Vibration Test
    – Accelerate to the max. 3G
  • Thermal Shock Test (-70 to 200℃ within 10 secs)
    – MIL-STD-883C 1010.7    Temperature Cycling
    – MIL-STD-883C 1011.9    Thermal Shock
    – MIL-STD-810D 503.4     Thermal Shock
  • Temperature / Humidity Test
    – IEC-68-2-30                     Damp-Heat Cycle Test
    – IEC-68-2-38                     Composite Temp/Humidity Cycle Test
    – MIL-STD-810D 507.2    Natural Temp/Humidity Cycles
    – MIL-STD-810D 507.3    Aggravated Temp/Humidity Cycles

If you wish to have a quote for your project, please send us the project detailed information to info@pearlelectronics.com and a formal quote will be provided within two weeks.

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Thank you for considering Pearl Group as your OEM/ODM strategic partner.

Pearl International Group is ready to work with you. We are committed to working as your seamless extension in China and delivering the flexible manufacturing solutions that help you stay competitive in the market in terms of cost and quality

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