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We are looking forward to being your OEM/ODM strategic partner in China!

We have more than 10 years OEM/ODM experience.

We have established the strategic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships with a lot of European and American companies.

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There are 1500 workers in our factory and 80 experienced engineers in our Research and Development department. 

Production Facilities

Product Quality Assurance and Testing Facilites

If you wish to have a quote for your project, please send us the project detaied information to info@pearlelectronics.com and a formal quote will be provided within two weeks.


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Testing procedures


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Thank you for considering Pearl Group as your OEM/ODM strategic partner.

Pearl International Group is ready to work with you. We are committed to working as your seamless extension in China and delivering the flexible manufacturing solutions that help you stay competitive in the market in terms of cost and quality.

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