PES900 Android SIP Phone


PES900 smartphone was developed specifically for the users of industrial-grade intrinsic safety PDA. PES900 integrated data terminals, 4G, VoWLAN phones, one-dimensional/two-dimensional laser bar code scanners, RFID read/write cards, heart beat counting, GPS positioning, digital photographic cameras, heartbeat and flashlight function, fully satisfy the information publishing industry users, task instructions, voice communications, data acquisition, positioning, site survey needs.

Under the Wi-Fi network, transmission distance, low standby power consumption, connection stability across base station switching speed, can support voice calls, intercom and video calls.

Due to the working environment is very bad, PES900 in accordance with the design standards of intrinsically safe circuits, are safe for matching manganese Acid Lithium Batteries to ensure safe in specific industries or environments. Meanwhile, intelligent wireless terminal PES900 is an industrial-grade, fully into account in the design of waterproof, dustproof, drop resistance, low temperature and high temperature proof, anti-static requirements, product performance to meet industry standard IP67. PES900 is comparable to the volume of the radio, suitable for use in noisy environments.

PES900 uses the Android Smartphone operating system, with powerful extended application capabilities, can provide a variety of effective mobile data, voice and video solutions for the industry.


Product description


PES900 is an Android-based Wi-Fi smart phone supporting 802.11b/g/n and standard SIP protocol. In Wi-Fi environment, PES900 provides far transmission distance, low standby power consumption, high inter-base station switching speed and high connective stability. It supports audio and video communication. The voice and sound quality of “push to talk” function are comparable with Walkie-Talkie’s.

In addition, PES900 is an industry user-oriented smart phone, fitting all kinds of 4G networks. Its design has fully considered water protection, dust protection, drop protection, anti-low temperature, and anti-static requirements. The ingress protection level reaches industry standard IP66. With all functions of data terminal, one-dimension/two-dimension laser bar code scanner, RFID card reader, GPS positioning system, digital photographic camera, heart rate counter, temperature and humidity measurement, and flashlight integrated.

PES900 all-roundly satisfies the needs of mining industry users in information release, task order, speech communication, data acquisition, positioning, scene investigation and other areas.

To meet the needs of industry users under severe environmental conditions, PES900 satisfies intrinsically safe circuit design standard, and provides lithium ion battery for option to ensure safe use in inflammable or explosive conditions.

Product Features

  1. Quad-core 1.2G CPU with mainstream running speed;
  2. 7-inch 720P LCD with high resolution display, sunlight readable;
  3. Industrial grade phone design, beautiful external form, sturdy and durable; Ingress protection level reaching IP66;
  4. Supporting audio and video communication under Wi-Fi network and walkie-talkie function;
  5. In call volume up to 100dB(A);
  6. Fitting all kinds of 4G networks (Mobile, Unicom and Telecommunication);
  7. Real-time detecting temperature and humidity of working environment;
  8. Specialized high luminance LED flashlight and lens, providing brighter and more concentrated illumination;
  9. Real-time and accurately counting heart rate per minute in special working places;
  10. Supporting one-dimension and two-dimension laser bar code scanning;
  11. Supporting NFC;
  12. Intrinsically safe circuit design for option in special industry; Lithium ion battery for option to ensure safe use;
  13. Developed based on Android intelligent operating system, with powerful application extension performance;


Basic features CPU Cortex-A53 1.2GHz, Quad-Core
Storage RAM: 2G, ROM: 16G, can be extended up to 32G
Wireless 1. Bluetooth v2.1
2. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
PC connection USB 2.0
Operation System Android 5.1
Dimension 150mm*75mm*17mm
Battery capacity 3.7V 3000mAh
Working environment Temperature: -20℃~50℃, Humidity 5%~95% no condensation;
Within operation range, all six sides can withstand impact of falling from 1.2m high to cement floor;
Rolling: 0.5m /1000 times with 6 contact surfaces
Ingress protection level: IP66
Display LCD Display screen 4.7” LCD
Display resolution 720P
Touch screen function Capacitive touch screen
backlight LED backlight
Camera Effective optical pixels 5 mega-pixel front camera; 8 mega-pixel rear camera
Focus mode Auto focus
Communication Module 2G:
GSM Band 3, Band 5, Band 8; 
WCDMA Band 1;
TD-SCDMA Band 34, Band 39; 
FDD-LTE Band 1, Band 3;
TD-LTE Band 38, Band 39, Band 40, Band 41 (2555~2655MHz) CSFB, SRLTE, VoLTE
Extensibility Physical interface Micros SD/TF card, SIM card
Micro USB, earphone jack
Barcode reader (1D/2D)(optional)  Symbol: SE4500;
Symbol: SE4710
RFID module (optional) 13.56MHz (can read and write, 14443A/B,15693), support NFC
charge cradle Support
Safety parameters Chemical Explosion-proof design In accordance with the standards on explosion-proof design to meet the Ex IB IIB T4
Design of coal safety Designed in accordance with safety signs in support of Ma verified.

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