PES50 Wireless Wifi SIP Phone


PES50 is a high-performance, lightweight Wi-Fi intercom handset developed specifically for industry customers and supports the 802.11b/g/n protocol.

PES50 has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, large number of accesses, and high voice quality.

In addition to the VoIP call function of a typical Wi-Fi mobile phone, the PES50 also integrates functions such as sending and receiving text messages (SMS), group talkback/intercom, One Touch SOS/one-click help, off-net communication, and assisted positioning.

The intercom function supported by the PES50 is very powerful. It supports 64 groups of intercom groups and can customize more group numbers. It has super user and monitoring functions, and provides a good guarantee for customers in production, scheduling, and communications. The design of the PES50 is very smart and lightweight, and it is very easy for users to carry.

PES50 mobile phones have been widely used in factories, hotels, tube galleries, railways, hospitals and many other industries, and are well received by customers in a wide range of industries.

It is a portable WiFi SIP Cordless phone.


Product description


1. Wi-Fi communication distance is far, using newly designed RF optimization technology, and Accessibility distance greater than 500 meters (base station configured directional antenna).
2. Supports fast switching between APs. Can seamlessly switch between APs to ensure smooth voice communications.
3. Support one-button alarm. Long press dedicated alarm button, the phone automatically dials the preset alarm number.
4. Smart and lightweight design, easy to carry and easy to use.
5. Independent research and development of hardware, software and structure, complete ownership of intellectual property, can provide functional customization services.

Detailed specifications

1. Ultra-low power consumption, long standby, no network standby time greater than 300 hours, clean network standby time greater than 150 hours.
2. Continuous talking time greater than 10 hours.
3. Off-network communication (patented function of independent research and development).

Basic parameters

1. Dimensions: 120mm (L)*52mm (W)*18mm (H)
2. Weight: 128g
3. Screen: 2.2 inch TFT LCD display
4. Battery capacity: 1700mAh

Wireless parameters

1. Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n; Band 2.4-2.483 GHz
2. Transmit power 15~17dBm; Receive sensitivity greater than -90dBm
3. Support WEP64, WEP128, WPA, WPA2 encryption methods
4. DHCP automatic acquisition and static configuration of network parameters


1. Support SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), good compatibility, SMS support
2. Support audio codec: G.711u G.711a G.729A
3. Using DSP echo cancellation technology, large volume echo suppression, high voice quality, low latency, and good stability.
4. Supports ambient noise suppression; Hands-free function with large volume.

Group Talkback

1. Design dedicated intercom key; Support both server and serverless intercom to adapt to different customer needs.
2. Supports super user intercom. Super users talk and all groups can listen.
3. Support monitor function, monitor user can receive intercom voice from other groups.
4. Group talkback. Supports 64 groups of intercom groups; can customize more groups according to customer needs.
5. Supports the intercom headset function; Intercom operation can be performed using the intercom headset like a traditional walkie-talkie.
6. Support large-volume hands-free talkback function, talkback call volume can reach 100dB (A) or more.

Phone configuration and upgrade

1. Supports manual configuration parameters and password protection for key parameters.
2. Supports automatic download of configuration files and phonebooks from the server.
3. Support TFTP wireless upgrade mobile phone software, support mobile phone automatic upgrade software

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