Industrial Fire Trucks, also known as a fire engine, is a vehicle designed and manufactured according to the needs, which is suitable for firefighters to use and equip with various fire-fighting equipment or extinguishing agent for fire fighting, auxiliary fire fighting or fire rescue. The fire truck can transport firefighters to the disaster site and provide various tools for them to carry out disaster relief tasks. Industrial fire trucks are essential for fire fighting. However, industrial fire trucks will encounter many dangers in the process of fire fighting, and it needs the help of explosion proof cameras.

What is explosion proof backup cameras?

Explosion proof Camera is to help the driver broaden vision and catch the blind spots when driving. It is applicable for the environment which is inflammable, explosive and hazardous, such as petroleum, chemical, coal, military, medicine, oil storage depots, ships, drilling platforms, gas stations, fireworks production base, food processing, and storage factory. Besides, an explosion proof Camera is particularly suitable for narrow spaces like dangerous goods transport vehicles, an oil tanker, chemical laboratories, explosion proof elevator, etc.

Because of the hazardous environment in which industrial fire trucks work, explosion proof cameras are necessary. There are the top 3 reasons why industrial fire trucks need explosion proof digital cameras below.

1.Can be fireproof to a certain degree

As the driver’s third eye, explosion proof cameras can ensure the safe driving of industrial fire trucks and simplify the steps of reversing and parking. However, the general camera cannot work in a harsh environment for a long time. Explosion proof cameras can be fireproof to a certain degree, which is the best choice for industrial fire trucks.

2.Waterproof and explosion-proof

The fire scene needs much water, and buildings there may collapse at any time. Explosion proof digital cameras are waterproofed and explosion-proofed. Explosion proof cameras can avoid damage well in industrial fire trucks work site.

3.Supporting IR-CUT switching to realize day and night monitoring

IR CUT of explosion proof digital cameras shifted day and night automatically with the visible distance up to 25 meters. A high-quality image of explosion proof digital cameras will be showed even in bad light areas. Since industrial fire trucks also need to be used frequently at night, explosion proof cameras are the most suitable choice.

Talking about explosion proof cameras, I have to recommend Pearl explosion proof cameras, which are the high-quality products of Pearl. Pearl explosion proof cameras have industrialized design for a bad environment such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof and rust-proof needed. Pearl explosion proof cameras ensure safe driving and make reverse parking easier.

Pearl specializes in R&D, production, and sales of special monitoring and communication equipment. Our main products are explosion-proof monitoring and communication equipment for mines and monitoring and communication equipment for explosive gas and explosive dust environment applications.

The main representative products:

1.Mine explosion-proof products: They are suitable for class I mine explosion-proof monitoring and communication products in coal mines with gas and coal dust explosion risks. These mine products have safety certification. Such as Mine Flameproof camera, mine intrinsically safe camera, mine intrinsically safe infrared ball pan-tilt camera, mine flameproof pan-tilt camera, mine flameproof and intrinsically safe network switch, mine explosion-proof display, mine explosion-proof optical transceiver, mine explosion-proof hard disk video recorder, mine flameproof and intrinsically safe DC regulated power supply, etc.

2. Factory explosion-proof products: Except for coal mines, they cover most class II and class III explosion-proof monitoring and communication products applicable to explosive gas and explosive dust environments. These products have the explosion-proof certificate issued by the national explosion-proof testing center, such as explosion-proof camera, explosion-proof infrared camera, explosion-proof high-speed ball machine, explosion-proof infrared hemisphere camera, explosion-proof integrated PTZ camera, explosion-proof PTZ camera, etc.

Pearl are excellent explosion proof camera manufacturers. We focus on providing high-quality products, and we will be your most reliable partner.