Top 6 Benefits of Switching to VoIP Phones

Telephone communication methods are changing. Today, a technology called VoIP is often used for telephony. If you’ve never heard of VoIP phone, reading this article will change your mind about how telecommunications works and what the future holds. VoIP is …
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pearl explosion proof phone

How Explosion Proof Phone Protects You in Hazardous Areas

When working in hazardous environments, such as in nuclear power plants, chemical, petroleum, and natural gas areas, safety measures used to safeguard industrial site workers and environments must be approached skillfully. The right measures and equipment make them have some …
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Wi-Fi Real Time Location System

Wi-Fi RFID Systems Introduction Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an intangible automatic identification technology. Through radio signal, RFID systems automatically identify the targets and obtain relevant data without human intervention. RFID systems identify various moving or still objects, such as, equipment, …
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What is difference of handhelds?

From the classification of handheld terminals, we understand that handheld terminals are divided into industrial handheld terminals and ordinary¬†handheld terminals. What is the difference between industrial handheld terminals and ordinary handheld terminals? This article will share with you: industrial handheld …
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