Telephone communication methods are changing. Today, a technology called VoIP is often used for telephony. If you’ve never heard of VoIP phone, reading this article will change your mind about how telecommunications works and what the future holds. VoIP is a method of converting analog audio signals to digital data transmitted over the Internet.


What is a VoIP phone, and how does it work?

Until 30 years ago, there was no such thing as the Internet, and informal communication was only possible through the public telephone network (PSTN). It also costs a lot to send data, especially over long distances. However, over the past few years, we have seen some exciting phenomena that the proliferation of personal computers, new communication technologies such as cell phones, and the vast Internet network. A new generation of communications was established through chat and e-mail, and business was reborn in the shadow of the Web.

We are now witnessing a real revolution in the world of communications. People use their personal computers or mobile phones and the Internet to do their work or spend most of their free time in this boundless world. They exchange information (images, audio, and documents) easily and talk to each other using applications through the Internet. All of this is being done today in the shadow of a technology that overshadows the growing popularity of all communications, and that is VoIP phone technology.

The word VoIP derived from Voice over internet protocol means (simultaneous transmission of telephone calls over a data network), also known as IP telephony. It allows the use of the Internet for telephone calls. VoIP mobile phone is just like a regular phone, but it uses the IP protocol to transmit audio and video. VoIP WIFI phone uses the SIP protocol and standard, which is based on IP or Internet Protocol. These phones significantly reduce the cost of telecommunications services and are also widely used in call centers or new exchanges.

VoIP phones can be classified according to different standards. Take the VoIP products from Pearl Electronics, the VoIP product suppliers, as an example. They can be divided into:

  1. Handheld VoIP phone (it looks like mobile phones) and desktop VoIP phone (it looks like office phones)
  2. Civil and industrial VoIP phone.
  3. VoIP phone with a single frequency (2.4G) or dual-frequency (2.4G + 5.0g)
  4. VoIP phone with an operating system (Android) or without an operating system.
  5. Wired and wireless VoIP phone.


Top 6 Benefits of VoIP Phones

From different points of view, we can examine the benefits of this technology, which of course reduces current costs, is one of the most attractive features of this technology, some of the reasons for this are:

  • No need for separate wiring

VoIP phone technology uses a network platform for telecommunications, which eliminates the cost of separate cabling. Also, if the user’s location is moved, there will be no more wiring trouble in the new area.

  • Audio and video conferences

Organizations that use VoIP phone conferencing to do business avoid the cost of telephoning due to user distances (even internationally).

  • Integrate a telephone device with a personal computer

As you know, the use of softphones in organizations and even home systems is increasing today. Using this software is an alternative to the VoIP mobile phone that only requires a handset. So this way you can reduce the existing costs.

  • Call users outside the organization for free anywhere in the world

Users of VoIP phones can contact the organization through the Internet. This feature, in addition to reducing costs, also facilitates telephone calls for employees who are out of the office environment.

  • Easy expansion

Expanding and adding the user in these systems is easy, and unlike previous systems, there is no need for re-wiring for each user.

  • Centralized and easy management

VoIP-based call centers provide the user with a networked environment through which he can change settings, add users, or report.pearl-voip-phone

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