PEEX1 analog explosion-proof phone


VoIP Model: PEX100
Analogue Model: PEEX1
1. The explosion-proof telephone is designed for connection to dial ports with analogue connection points.
2. The loudspeaker has two operating modes –ringing and hands-free.
3. PEX100 has a handset module with a dry reed contact as a hook switch. In order to terminate an existing call connection, the handset must be hung up.
4. Use the menu to program the appropriate settings. Press “YES” key, LCD will instruct you to input password: PASSWORD: and input 000000, you can setup menu. (You had better not enter menu when picking up handset or making phone in hands-free state. Telephone will automatically hang up when it is not dialed long time.) Entering menu over 30 seconds, the phone will automatically exit menu.
5. When a setting is stored successfully, this is confirmed by an acknowledgement tone.
6. When you receive a call, the PEX100 rings at the ringer-volume level selected by you. And, for the duration of the calling sound, the symbols appears on the display.
7. If you enter a PIN with the menu you can restrict or block dial functions. Forgetting the PIN is the equivalent of losing a key. If you forget the PIN, please contact our technical support.


Product description


1. Explosion-proof analogue telephone matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX system
2. Robust body vandal resistant
3. Busy tone detection for auto release the line if line busy
4. Dry contact for external control automation
5. Auto answer
6. Full Soft lock: only dial out from phone book 50 memory address number
7. Half soft lock: limit to dial out starting number, e.g. “00852” area code
8. High temperature approval
9. Ring sound 95 dB dfd in 1 m and 10 ringing tone melodies selectable
10. Listening by loudspeaker: 70dB in 1m
11. Phone book memory: 50 address ( name & number) programmable
12. Stainless steel keypad for dial and manuel
13. Magnetic reed hook-switch
14. Optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) function, no external power or battery required

LCD display include

1. Manu setting
2. Welcome text programmable e.g.: welcome to use Pearl Telephone
3. Full soft lock or half soft lock
4. Phone book up to 50 address number selectable
5. Ring speaker up to 4 level selectable
6. Hands free talking sound up to 4 level selectable
7. Handset receiver sound up to 4 level selectable
8. Up to 9 Ring tone melodies selectable
9. Back light up to 4 level selectable
10. The dialing number
11. Calling time counting

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