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  • Pearl PDA800 is an industrial grade intrinsically safe wireless intelligent terminal developed specially for the coal mining industry. Integrating functions of data terminal, GSM cell phone, VoWLAN (Voice over Wireless Local Area Network) cell phone, RFID card reader and card writer, GPS location system and digital photographic camera integrated, PDA800C all-roundly satisfies the needs of mining industry users in information release, task order, speech communication, data acquisition, location, scene investigation and other areas.


    In response to the severe environmental conditions of mining industry, Pearl has designed the circuit board and battery of PDA800C based on the intrinsically safe circuit standard, which ensures the safe operation of the product in the gas and coal dust environment. PDA800C is also an industrial grade wireless intelligent terminal, whose design has fully considered waterproofing, dustproofing, shockproof, high temperature resistance and anti-static needs. Its protection class reaches IP66.


    With the multimode wireless communication technology adopted, PDA800C supports such wireless communication systems as GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi/WAPI and RFID, and integrates functions of talkback, group call and one touch SOS, meeting the needs of industry users with regard to real-time, reliability, high bandwidth and diversity of communication.


    PDA800C is developed on Windows mobile 6.5 mainstream PDA platform. Its powerful application extension performance may provide varieties of effective wireless data solutions to industry users and enterprises.


    Product Features
    1. Intrinsically safe circuit, in compliance with Mining Products Safety Standards.
    2. MA certified anti-explosive batteries used to ensure safety.
    3. Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof designed; beautiful external form, sturdy and durable; IP66 protection class.
    4. Industrial grade half transparent and half reflecting LED, 3.5 inches size and VGA (640x480) resolution.
    5. Wi-Fi phone function, supporting roaming switching of wireless base station and keeping fluent speech.
    6. Supporting Wi-Fi "PUSH TO TALK" without server.
    7. Supporting GSM voice communication and GPRS data transmission.
    8. Supporting 13.56MHz RFID performance (ISO14443A/B).
    9. Supporting 2.4GHz RFID for customer base expansion.
    10. Supporting multiple exterior interfaces: USB, serial ports and GPIO (two).
    11. Developed on Windows mobile 6.5 intelligent operating system, with powerful application extension performance.
    12. Supporting stand charging (more reliable) and miniUSB charging.
    13. Supporting Wi-Fi power saving mode under both stand-by and operating conditions.
    14. In-house developed hardware, software and structure, with independent intellectual property; function customization for customers.


    For PDA800 series of industrial PDA, we have different versions based on different configuration as follows.

    Item number Description/Configuration
    PDA800C Wi-Fi+Camera
    PDA800C2G Wi-Fi+Camera+GPS+GSM
    PDA800C2GR Wi-Fi+Camera+GPS+GSM+13.56M RFID
    PDA800C2GRS1 Wi-Fi+Camera+GPS+GSM+13.56M RFID+1D Scanner
    PDA800C2GRS2 Wi-Fi+Camera+GPS+GSM+13.56M RFID+2D Scanner


  • 1. Physical parameters 
    Dimension  143×73×23 mm 
    Weight  230g 
    Screen  Color 3.5 inch VGA (640*480), half-reflecting TFT LCD 
    Touch screen  Toughened glass resistive screen 
    Backlight  LED backlight 
    Battery  3.7V/2000mAh 
    Expansion slot  T-flash card; 8GB maximum 
    Communication interface  USB1.1 client, serial port (with 2 configurable GPIO ports) 
    Notice method  Sound and multi-color LED
    Keyboard  Digital; several definable function key shortcuts 
    Audio  Microphone, receiver, speaker, earphone
    2. Performance parameters 
    CPU  Marvell Xscale PXA310 624MHz high performance processor 
    Operating system  Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional 
    Memory  256MB DDR, 256MB flash memory 
    3. Service environment 
    Working temperature  -10°C ~ 50°C 
    Storage temperature  -40°C ~ 70°C 
    Humidity  95% (no condensation) 
    Shockproof ability  Falling from 1.2m high to cement floor under working temperature for two times for every side (totally 6 sides). 
    Tumbling   Tumbling from 0.5m high for 250 times (equivalent to 500 falls) 
    Sealing  IP66 
    Electrostatic discharge (ESD)  12KV 
    4. Battery performance 
    Stand-by time  120 hours 
    Conversation time  8 hours (GSM), 7 hours (VoWLAN) 
    5. Data acquisition (optional) 
    Option  1D Scanner, 2D Scanner 
    6. Color camera lens 
    Resolution  3 megapixel 
    Illuminance  Controllable flash 
    Lens  Auto focus 
    7. Engine for 1D and 2D imager 
    Optical resolution  752 H x 480 V pixel 
    Rotation angle  360° 
    Tilt angle  ± 60° off normal position 
    Focal range  40mm ~ 235mm 
    8. Wireless WAN voice and data communication 
    Radio  GSM GPRS 2.5G 
    Frequency band  Quad-band (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) 
    Antenna  Built-in 
    9. Integrated GPS 
    GPS  Integrated auxiliary GPS (A-GPS) 
    10. Wireless LAN voice and data communication 
    Radio  IEEE® 802.11b/g 
    Safety  WEP (40 or 128-bit), TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2 
    Antenna  Built-in 
    Data rates supported  1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and54 Mbps 
    Working channel  Channel 1-13 (2412-2472 MHz) 
    Voice communication  Supporting IP voice communication, SIP VoIP communication, PTT function 
    11. RFID Parameters 
    Frequency  13.56M 
    Standard  ISO14443A/B 
    12. Peripheral equipment and appliances 
    Communication and charging cable  Cable only for charging, USB charging 
    Battery charger  Single groove stand charging 

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